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Livestock Shelters and Fencing

Strong, pipe frame, 22 gauge Galvnized steel shelters.

Calf Shelter

24' Closed with 8' opening also available full open. Easy to move..

Promold Marketing 24 Foot Calf Shelter

Calf Shelter

8' x 8' comes open at peak end or side wall. Easy to move.

Calf Shelter Calf Shelter Calf Shelter

Calf Shelter

16ft, 24ft, Full open. Easy to move.

Promold Marketing 16 Foot Calf Shelter

Wind Fence

Our Galvanized Wind Fence is 24`L. Galvanize Steel x 56” h. & 66” h. Fits together with tab and pins. The Fence would make an excellent Corral Fence.

Promold Wind Fence

Guard Rail Panels

Ideal for Bulls and Bison. 24' long x 75" high.

Promold Guard Rail Panels

Free Standing Panels

Panels are 24 feet long have 6 Bars, these Panels are strong with each bar being 7/8 of an inch. Strong Legs & Frame with 5 foot posts. Legs are under posts for strength.

Free Standing Panels


24` w. x 8` h. 1-1/2” between Boards, 12” off the Ground. 2 7/8 pipe frame. 3 rows of 2x6 bolted to the frame and 1x6 uprights screwed to 2x6

Free Standing wood Panels Free Standing wood Panels

10ft Powder Coated Corral Panel

  • Heavy Duty 10ft long x 6ft high Corral Panel
  • 6 Oval Rails- Rail is approx 2” wide x 3” high-Animal sees them as a barrier!
  • End posts are 2”x2” square tube, capped top & bottom
  • Powder Coated Finish (Green)-to resist rust and maximize longer life!
  • Double Pin Clips/Brackets both ends, top & bottom
  • Panel weighs approx 115lbs
  • 2x solid rod connecting pins included per panel
  • Easy to move around and setup for your complete cattle handling system, calving barns, show penning, horse round yards and much more!
10ft Powder Coated Corral Panel 10ft Powder Coated Corral Panel

Premium Horse Pen Corral – Powder Coated Green

10ft Powder Coated Corral Panel

push n' drive over gate

Available in 6', 14' and 16' widths

jones farm supplies push and drive over gate tractor going through push and drive gate

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

  • 16ft long x 50″ high
  • 4 gauge welded wire
  • 10 line wires
  • Galvanized-before-welding
  • Approx 32lbs per panel
  • 50 panels per bundle
  • 4″x 8″ at bottom, working up to 6″x 8″ at the top
  • Excellent for fencing in cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, chickens etc.
Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Horse Shelters

10’x20’x10’high at peak 8’ x 16’ x 10’ high at peak Roofs have additional 2’ overhang. All edges are capped. Back 2 bum rails protects walls.

Horse Shelters

Horse Shelters

6 foot sliding barn door horse shelter. This shelter is wood lined. It is 10 feet high in the front, tapering to 8 feet high in the back. Our shelters can be moved.

Promold Marketing Horse Shelter

Custom Horse Shelters

Wood lined, 6' sliding door on hay/tack room side. 24' long x 12' deep

Custom Horse Shelters

Cattle Shelter

Promold portable Cattle Shed/Barns are 8’ high in the front tapering to 6’ high in the back. All come with back & side bum rails. Top ends are transparent allowing light in. Available with Gates, Panels, Feeder Panels or full open shown is our 40` Shelter with optional 4 only 10` x 12` Pens with Gates.

Promold Marketing Cattle Shelter Promold Marketing Wind Fence

24' x 12' Cattle Shelter

24' x 12' Cattle Shelter. Available full open or with 2 - 12' x 12' Pens. Curved down or straight back roof options.

Cattle Shelter

Portable Cattle Shed/Barn

36' long x 12' deep comes with or without 3 -12' x 12' Pens.

Portable Cattle Shed/Barn

24' Maternity Shelter

24' Cattle Shelter with Head Gate & 2 only 12` x 12` Maternity Pens.

Cattle Shelter

Bull Shelter

10' high at front tapering to 8' high at back 24' long x 12' wide. Bull shelter features removable mudflaps 18" up on side walls and 10 gauge mild steel 24" up along back wall. Skid-able units are easily moved. Comes with back and side bum rails. Constructed with 2x2 sq tubing and 22 gauge galvanized decking.

Bull Shelter

3 piece Barn

Promold 3 Piece Barns have 2 shelters facing each other with gutters at roof peaks where roof nests into. Above unit is 3 piece 24'. Available in 24', 36' & 40'. Our 3 Piece Barns are designed to give you flexibility in your set-up with ease of portability. Our 3 Piece Barns come with or without Pens/ Gates, Excellent for parking Heavy Equipment and room for a Shop etc.

3 piece Barn 3 piece Barn 3 piece Barn
  • 24` w/ 12` Alleyway, 2 x 12`` x 12` Pens per side, 36` wide
  • 36` w/ 12` Alleyway, 3 x 12` x 12` Pens per side, 36` wide
  • 40` w/ 10` Alleyway, 4 x 10` x 12` Pens per side, 34` wide

Squeeze Shelter

The Squeeze Cover is available in 3 sizes, all are 21` wide x 24`, 36` or 40` long. All are 12` h. Peaks. 10’ x 24’ structured polycarbonate roof window guaranteed 10 years against yellowing. Ends & doors available.

Promold Marketing Squeeze Shelter

24' x 12' Portable Garage/Shed

12' high at peak; 9' high walls. Shown with hinged doors, also available with man doors.

Work bench at rear (optional).

Custom sizes available for storage of balers, feed wagons, ATV, etc.

Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector benefits


24' x 8' Windbreak panels come with galvanized decking. Beveled legs slide into a receiver tube and are locked into place with tightening bolt. Panels have a lifting bar & chain loops in 4 corners. Legs are 12` in lengthEasy to move..

Windbreaks Windbreaks

Windbreaks with Cow Bar

The addition of the Cow Bar allows the Calves to have protection from the Wind as well as the Mother Cows. Legs are 12` in length.

Wind break side Wind break back

Legacy 440

The Ultimate Fence Solution

Horse Fence

Legacy 440 Fence Styles

All Post & Rails are 2 3/8 High Tensile 13 Gauge Steel

Horse Fence Horse Fence Horse Fence

Legacy 440 Fence Easy Assembly

This simple connector and a $2.00 allen wrench will build your fence.

Horse Fence connector

Legacy 440 Fence No rust, welding, painting, or mold

Gone are the days of welding, painting, and rust! With our patented coating process, Legacy 440 is proud to offer an all steel pipe fence that is completely maintenance free and easy to install. Made from new high-tensile steel, all Legacy 440 pipe and connectors are galvanized and powder coated to ensure the ultimate in rust prevention. With an installation rate up to 500 feet per day and no need for painting or replacing, Legacy 440 Fence truly is the final fencing solution for those who only want to build fence ONE TIME. We offer several styles, sizes, and colours and can ship directly to your ranch or farm.

Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector benefits Horse Fence connector colours Horse Fence connector colours

Horse Stalls

Diamond horse stalls are made with 1 ¾ inch x 1 ¾ inch square tube frame and ¾ x ¾ square tube spindles turned diamond on grill work. Stalls are completetely reversible ofr right or left had door opening. stall doors ride on steel track with aluminum trollies and sealed bearings for extra smooth and quiet travel.

Horse Stalls Horse Stalls Horse Stalls Horse Stalls Horse Stalls Horse Stalls Cattle Shelter Cattle Shelter Horse Stall