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Grain Handling Equipment

We are pleased to be able to supply you with E-Kay grain handling equipment.

E-Kay Hydra Sweep

  • Convertible: use as a standard sweep or center unload
  • Movable: can be easily moved from one bin to another
  • Expandable: extensions available to fit any bin.
  • Light weight: total weight including hydraulic motor is 90 lbs.
  • Easy to handle: comes in sections, plus hydraulic motor.
  • Variable speed controls and safety valve
  • Guaranteed not to climb the pile
  • Propels itself around the bin while you watch from outside
  • Fold down handles
  • Needle bearing u-joint
  • Drive shaft detachable from motor.
E-kay Hydra Sweep E-kay Hydra Sweep

E-Kay Crop Divider

Rugged, Lightweight, Polyethylene Adjustable Pitch Nose Cones. Fast Attach Installation enables a single operator to install in Minutes. Obstruction-Free Pocket Mount is concealed behind the cone. To avoid additional contact with crop.

E-kay Crop Divider